About Camille’s

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I received my love of flowers from my maternal Grandmother at a very early age. I did not realize when I was playing among her flower beds that it would set the course for my entire life……

I first took a course in Floral Design at Indianapolis Floral Design School to learn the basics of floral design. I thought I knew everything I needed to know so I decided to open a Floral Shop in a quaint little house that belonged to our family business. I just knew it would be so much fun to work in a floral shop! My oh my did I get a surprise about how much I really did not know!! But… as luck would have it, I hired a girl who DID know what to do!!

When an opening in our family owned  business in Northern Indiana became available I sold the shop and we moved to New Paris in 1989. Within a year I was back in a floral shop! I ended up at Sautter’s  Floral Shop in Elkhart and worked there for 15 years until Valentine’s Day 2010.

In the past few years I have also freelanced for Susan Fredman Design of  Chicago and Union Pier, MI, assisting with their weddings. I have also been a floral designer/ advisor for a local event planner.

When I found the house where Camille’s is now located I saw what it could be with some tender loving care, which translates into LOTS of hard work by a lot of people. After lots of research, several zoning hearings, government inspections, (and twice the money!) my dream is now a reality. And one I am quite proud of!

Now I can honestly say after countless weddings, proms, birthdays and numerous other occasions that I DO know what I am doing! I have come a long way in 20 years since I opened my last floral shop, and I can also say that the same holds true to this day…..Yes it is fun to work in a floral shop! Stop in and see for yourself!!

Tracy Camille