Blooms of Bristol

by Tracy Camille Lane


Greetings!! I am back!!!


I have been rather lax in getting my newsletters out and about, but today I have a subject that is in need of discussion……




What is an order gatherer, you might ask? Well, I will enlighten you on the Subject — a rather sore subject for florists.


Flowers are a luxury. Whether you are the one sending them or the one receiving them, they are a luxury. In today’s world, where every penny is squeezed ‘til it begs for mercy, flowers are considered to be a waste by some, a necessity by others. Me? They are a necessity!! They bring a smile to my face and warm my heart when I gaze upon their brilliant colors.

They are not cheap to send. By the time you pay for the flowers, the tax, the delivery, you have an investment!


Hence, these words of warning about “order gatherers”.


An order gatherer is a company who sets themselves up to take flower orders online. They place ads online that make them appear to be a legitimate florist IN THE TOWN where you are looking for a florist. They promise you discounts and have great pictures of what your arrangement will look like, some will even go so far as to say they are actually located in the town when in reality they are not!


Here is what happens:


  • The picture they show for $49.99 with a $20.00 discount is sent to my shop for $29.99. They keep the $20.00!


  • I CANNOT make a $49.99 order for $29.99 so I make it for what they send me. Our shop is left looking very bad and quite often we get angry phone calls from the sender.


  • They give me around $5.00 delivery but usually charge you $10.00, or so, for shipping/handling.


  • You pay a service charge anywhere from $14.95 to $19.95 and the order gatherer also keeps 20% of said order.


  • Teleflora, FTD, or 800-Flowers keeps 9% because this is how the gatherer gets the order to us. So, we the florist, get 71% of what you spent for the flowers. They keep the rest.


Ex:    $50.00 arrangement

+  $10.00 shipping/ handling

+   $19.95 service fee

+   $4.20  tax

=  $84.15


When the math is done the florist ends up with $35.50!!!


Now you see why the flower arrangement is so small yet you paid a lot of money !!!


Common “Gatherers”: Just Flowers, Wesley Berry, Ava’s Flowers, From You Flowers, Ranch Florist, and Flowers by Jerry


They are sitting in an office just raking in your money and hanging the florists out to dry!!


The moral of this story:


Dig a little farther when ordering flowers online.  MAKE SURE you are ordering from a florist in the town you are looking for!


Get your money’s worth. for what you are spending, Don’t spend all of your money on service fees and salaries for a ‘ghost’ internet company.

Shop local!!